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Starting a Local Soup Kitchen

Starting a Local Soup Kitchen

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Soup kitchen and community meals they were very common during the depression. This is because many people could not afford to buy food for their family. While soup kitchens were still in existence after the depression they became increasingly popular with the recent downfall of the economy. If you are thinking of starting a soup kitchen in your local community here’s how you get started.

The first step to getting started as a soup kitchen is to register as a nonprofit organization. This can be done by contacting this state charity registration office. This will allow you to collect donations and raise money without having to pay federal taxes. There will also be an IRS form that must be filled out.

The second step to getting started as a soup kitchen is to fill out a grant proposal. Grant proposals are a great way to receive state, federal, and organizational funding for your soup kitchen. The grant proposal must include your mission statement, an explanation of your soup kitchen in stating the problem and how your soup kitchen will. This will allow the government offices to determine if a soup kitchen should be funded.

Your next step will be to find the location of where you want the soup kitchen. Soup kitchens are usually located in areas where there is low income or a lot of homeless people. However, soup kitchens are you coming increasingly popular in all types of areas. Soup kitchens can usually be found in churches, community and civic centers. Although you can also start soup kitchen anywhere that is willing to have one.

After you have found the location for your soup kitchen and received all the necessary resources to start the soup kitchen you will want to contact the local media and community service organizations. These organizations and media outlets will help you get the word out there about your soup kitchen and raise public awareness so that those in need will be able to find a soup kitchen and those that are able to will give you donations.

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